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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

12 Iconic ways to give back any time of the year

It’s no secret to anyone that at Iconic Beauty, we’re a little extra. We believe in living life as your most authentic self no matter how bright, sparkly, or loud that may be. But we also believe that the most important part of giving to yourself includes giving to others. Through working with and highlighting organizations close to our hearts, Iconic Beauty hopes to spark a love of community and service with every Iconic Beauty. 

In order to accomplish this, every December, we host the 12 Days of Giving where we give ideas for  #IconicKindness and choose a winner to donate $100 to the charity, platform, or GoFundMe of their choice. 12 winners, 12 opportunities to do good, and $1200 donated to various good causes. However, in the spirit of giving, we figured why should we save all the good stuff for the end of the year? This July, we want to share 12 small ways for you to give back and do good all year round.


Share your favorite charity or cause We love to cheer on your latest look or how adorable your kids were splashing in the pool, but what else lights you on fire? Take your passions to social media and share information about what charities your friends and family can become involved with. By taking the time to open dialogue about the causes, you’re allowing those around you to share what’s important to them as well.

Pay it forward: When you’re grabbing coffee in the morning, how about paying for another patron’s order? Small deeds go a long way and you never know how this could change someone’s day for the better. 

Research Feeling overwhelmed with possibilities. Take the time to research causes that mean a lot to you. Maybe you’ll find new charities to support or local shelters to volunteer with. Knowledge is power and it benefits everyone around you.

Support a small business Times are hard. We know free two-day shipping is appealing, but looking in your neighborhood for local businesses to support helps create a community you can be proud of. Share your purchase on social media or post a positive review online to boost the business, it’s free and for small businesses, it means the world. 

Make a snack gift basket for your mail carrier We know mail carriers can receive a lot of extra love when they’re lugging all of our holiday gifts to our front doors, but let’s not forget about them in these hot summer months. The world could not function without mail carriers, show them gratitude with a cool drink and snacks for the road. 

Donate Clear your closet and the toy room by donating gently loved items. Not only is this a way to give back to your community, but second-hand shopping has a huge environmental impact. By donating you’re not only preventing these items from ending up in landfills and icinerators, but also allowing others the opportunity to create their own memories with these items. 

Hide money for shoppers in need Surprising shoppers with a hidden gift is sure to make anyone’s day! It’s like an Easter egg hunt for good. Sprinkle the world with positivity and see how it multiplies. 

Spend one hour doing something you love Listen, beauty, you’re part of your community. Treat yourself with the same love and compassion you give to others. You can’t pour for an empty cup, replenish your needs in order to go forth and make the world a brighter place. We need you at your best!

Scatter love notes Bring in the kids for this one. Go craft crazy and load up on the glitter pens to make love notes. Drop them off at your local hospital to show love to nurses, hand them out to the cashiers at the grocery store, or scatter them around your neighborhood. Everyone needs to be reminded how appreciated they are; these notes are sure to do the trick. 

Put together a food pack With food shortages all around the world and grocery prices skyrocketing, if you can, go through your pantry and assemble a food pack. Bring it to your local food bank or work with them to find a family in need. In such trying times, it’s imperative that we begin to lean on one another. 

Leave a generous tip Whether you’re dining in, picking up, or using your favorite delivery service, add a generous tip to the bill. The service industry can be vastly underappreciated and underpaid, tipping can make a gigantic difference.

Volunteer Get involved by putting boots to the ground. Reach out to your favorite charities and see how you can help. Look into causes close to your heart and help organize rallies or make calls to your representatives. By taking the initiative to turn good intentions into good actions, you’re creating the world you want to see. 

Giving back is the cornerstone of Iconic Beauty. We believe that true beauty comes from within. By navigating through life with kindness and an open heart, you are leaving the world better than you left it. Through big and small deeds alike, giving to those around you has a huge impact. Spread kindness like glitter and soon, the entire world will sparkle. 

Do you have a cause you want to share or another way to spread kindness? Comment below or tag us on Instagram!