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4 Tips for Iconic Summer Hair

4 Tips for Iconic Summer Hair
Keep your hair healthy, stylish and Iconic this summer!
After a long year… okay, fine! After a long two years, the summer of 2022 is finally approaching. Obviously, there is a lot happening in the world, but for the first time in a long time, the world seems to be opening back up. This means nights with your friends, seasonal cocktails, a cute new outfit that isn’t sweatpants, and your hair looking Iconic AF! The only problem is, after two years of rocking a mom bun or really leaning into messy chic, how are we supposed to get our hair game back to all-star status? Well, don’t fret, Beauty, we got you with our fave four tips for your best hair summer ever.

Make Wash Day Count 

We know it’s so tempting to grab the clearance shampoo at the grocery store and keep it moving, but we beg of you, please don’t! Using a shampoo and conditioner is the first step in creating hair that’s the envy of all. Not only does this clean your hair and rid your scalp of extra oils and dandruff, but choosing a quality product can help make your hair grow thicker and longer over time. Our Mane Attraction set is one of our absolute favorites to create healthy, voluminous hair for any style you desire. 


Enroll In Youtube University

Lots of knowledge without the student debt? Sign us up! Listen, even though it may feel like you’re the only one lost in the magnificent and massive world of beauty tips and tricks, you aren’t alone. Thanks to the magic that is the internet, many people have taken their strengths and decided to share them with you. From perfecting a blow-out to a sleek date night, YouTube abounds with hair bloggers eager to share with you. Some of our favorites are Sagonia Lazarof and Elle Bangs If you go check out their videos, make sure to leave a comment that Iconic Beauty sent you! 

Know Your Environment 

Doing your hair in dry Colorado is much different than styling it in humid Florida. When you are picking your style for the summer, be aware of your surroundings and plan accordingly. You want to make sure you’re giving your tresses the best chance possible to stun throughout the night.  If you’re a curly girl going for a sleeked-back look, be sure to grab our Smooth Operator smoothing serum to keep the frizz at bay. In a dry climate, make an effort to condition properly to keep those strands moisturized and healthy.


Accessories Are Your Friend

In the words of the great Dorinda Medley, this season has us screaming “Clip! Clip! Clip!” If you still aren’t convinced of your styling skills, lean into the season’s hottest accessories. We are loving the hot trend of hair clips. From sleek and embellished to large and funky, there is a clip for every personality and occasion. You can grab a pack at Target or even support a small business on Etsy, whatever you choose is fine by us. 

With these four tips, we’re sure you’ll arrive this summer with the hair everyone envies! But remember, no matter what you do, the most important tip of all is to love yourself. Confidence from within is what truly makes you shine. No matter what the hair on your head looks like, you’re Iconic, Beauty!