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Iconic Beauty’s New Chapter

Iconic Beauty’s New Chapter

The idea of Iconic Beauty came from my drive to break the mold and it has taken a lot to get Iconic Beauty where it is today. It has been an endless cycle of creating and recreating my business plan (multiple times) because what I originally thought Iconic Beauty was, isn’t what it really is, or what it should be. 

Iconic Beauty is not just telling people that it’s okay to have a past as long as you don’t stay there; as long as you’re willing to create a new future for yourself. 

It’s not just telling people that you can transform your dream into your reality. 

Iconic Beauty is proving it. 

She is raising the bar, changing lives, breaking the mold and living her best life! And we’re doing it in an environment where it’s safe to do so. 

It’s safe to share our dreams with each other without feeling silly or judged. 

It’s safe to be ourselves because we care so much about each other that we like each other’s quirks and what other people would look at as “flaws”. 

We are safe with each other because there’s no such thing as “impossible”.

So, it is my pleasure and such an honor to introduce to you the NEW Iconic Beauty. Where dreams come true, friendships are made, success is ignited and anything is possible. 

Welcome to the new chapter of Iconic Beauty.